100% Plant-based Squalane

100% Plant-based Squalane

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A weightless, non-comedogenic natural supplement that delivers exceptional moisture retention property to optimise skin hydration level. 

    Active Ingredient


    Unlike other brands which extract Squalane originated from shark liver, we pick 100% pure plant-based Squalane that is sustainably obtained from top quality olives from Spain. It is a saturated and stable lipid naturally found in our body that prevents transdermal moisture loss.

    Perfect for:

    • Restoring skin suppleness 
    • Sealing in essential moisture and nutrient
    • (As hair treatment oil) Enhancing heat protection and minimising breakage


    Clinical results within 5 weeks
    showed significant improvement in skin suppleness
    80% showed significant improvement in hair breakage

    Apply a few drops when needed after cleansing. Can be used by itself or in combination with moisturiser. 

    100% plant-derived Squalane