The weight of soul

In 1907, Dr. Duncan MacDougall from Haverhill Massachusetts performed a scientific study to measure the mass lost by a human when the soul departed the body. And the result, always read “21grams”, suggesting that the human soul has weight and it weighs 21grams.

We know by experience that souls exist and sometimes they touch, even if for a fraction of a second - perhaps it is someone special that we meet, the sheer beauty of nature that takes our breathe, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or a small act out of love and kindness - it is when we get to know each other, ourselves and Mother Nature better, and share a gentle yet deep connection that bridges lifetimes and continents. These rich, special encounters will change our lives and set our path right.

We founded 21GRAMS for that very reason. We devote ourselves in researching and innovating skincare formulations with integrity, passion and love (essentially, with every bit of our souls), hoping that through our dedicated hard work, we will be one of those beautiful encounters in your life that touches your soul, provides a glimpse into your own very nature and helps you embrace who you are. 


Unlike many other brands that promote natural or organic beauty, we advocate the concept of clean beauty at 21GRAMS. There is a whole lot that Mother Nature offers us, but not every single natural ingredient is safe on our skin. Clean beauty, to us, is more important; it means natural products that are mindfully crafted with zero-tolerance on toxic/ irritating ingredients, yet achieving high efficacy and fast result.


  • Our ingredients are diligently screened to ensure they conform to FDA and EU standards with an EWG® rating of not greater than 2
  • Our formulations are either vegan (plant-based) or beegan (incorporating natural beeswax)
  • Only natural essential oils extracted by steam distillation (instead of solvent-extracted ones) are used to scent our products 
  • We conduct clinical testing on volunteering pilot groups to ensure only high-performing formulation make it to the shelf
  • We take a firm stance against animal-based ingredients and animal testing