We are now in the final stage of ramping up to our new product launch! A heartfelt thanks to our pilot users who provide us with invaluable feedback and make this happen!

It is our pleasure to introduce the following new members to our Face Care line:

Cleanser + 25% Squalane

Now in the form of nano-foam, this Cleasner thoroughly removes excessive oil, dirt and makeup, with enhanced hydrating properties that comes with the pure plant-based Squalane.

Hydrosol Plus

This toning essence is more than just a conventional hydrosol. Enriched with vitamin B3, B5 and hyaluronic acid, our Hydrosol Plus helps tone our skin and replenish moisture after cleansing. Three options available for different skin type:

• Rose Hydrosol Plus: Normal to dry skin | Hydrate
• Lavender Hydrosol Plus: Combination to oily skin | Balance + Anti-inflammatory 
• Neroli Hydrosol Plus: Sensitive skin (including pregnancy / lactation) | Soothe

Hydration Complex

A water-based serum filled with Natural Moisturising Factors (NMF) to mimic our skin's natural moisture retention function. Active ingredients include urea, glycerin, trehalose, sodium PCA and hyaluronic acid of various molecular sizes to provide a holistic solution to epidermal hydration at all levels.


Excited? So are we! The additions will nicely complement our existing Face Care offerings to provide a clean yet effective skincare journey.

We are happy to offer a pre-order discount of 20% off with a limited quota! Click here to bring them home now!